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Projects in progress

Work in progress - Gasometer maintenance (Udine)

Activity cycle performed on the metal walls of the metal bell of the Udine purifier (CAFC SpA customer).

Pressure washing at 400 bar.
Application of 1st coat of surface tolerant epoxy-polyamide at a thickness of 180µm.
Application of 2nd coat of surface tolerant epoxy-polyamide at a thickness of 180µm.
Application of fluorinated polyurethane paint at a thickness of 80µm.

Work in progress - Waterproofing activity

Waterproofing activity on the internal walls in concrete tank.
Polyurea application.

Work in progress - Hydro washing of a dam

Hydro-washing activity for subsequent waterproofing of the concrete surface of a mountain dam.
Interventions at height without the use of scaffolding.

Work in progress - Concrete restoration

CANALE MARALDI, Cellina Meduna Consortium (Pordenone)
Execution of hydro-washing of the canal for subsequent restoration of the joints and concrete surfaces.

Work in progress - Concrete restoration

Execution of concrete rehabilitation at the CAFC treatment plant in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD).

Work in progress - Low pressure hydro-cleaning

Execution of low pressure hydro-cleaning on natural stones of the Green Theater on the island of San Giorgio (Venice).

Work in progress - Metallization

Shooting of metallization with aluminum wire in place by the customer

Work in progress Mont Blanc Tunnel

Waterproofing of the channel of sidewalk of the gallery and restoration of the upright of the AF1 channel France Italy in the Mont Blanc tunnel

Work in progress United Arab Emirates

Metal structures for marine jetties
Cycles Applied: C5 M HIGHT - ISO 12944