How we work

Each type of anti-corrosion treatment and antacid is made from different application cycles.
We are equipped with fixed and mobile facilities in order to realize any type of coating in any environment, both on-site (new structures or maintenance) both at our plant.
We are able to work above floor level without scaffolding, through the use of rope systems.

Our employees are highly skilled in different application systems, including:
protective coatings and industrial painting with more hands, both on steel and on concrete
powder painting of already treated materials and on steel
application of polyurea and Penetron, waterproofing agents for concrete
metallization, with zinc, aluminum and alloys
>application of intumescent, for the protection from cellulose that catches fire
application Chartek and Firebarr, for protection from oil fires

The plant in Portogruaro (VE) has the following cabins for blasting and painting treatments, all in accordance with law and with suction systems, heating and air conditioning:

N.1 sandblasting chamber (automatic tunnel): 4.5m high, 3m wide, 16m length
N.2 manual sandblasting cabins: 20m wide, 12m length
N.4 painting rooms: 16mt width, 25m length
Our storage areas, with services (electricity and compressed air), consist of 23,000 square meters asphalted and 3,000 square meters with gravel.
We have facilities for large lifting loads, including:
N.1 overhead crane: lifting capacity 12 tons
N.5 forklift lifting: capacity 25 - 40 -60 -80 - 120 quintals
N.1 propelled cranes: for any tonnage