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Anti-corrosion treatments on metallic structures

The corrosion protection of metallic structures represents a significant percentage of the cost of a project and of the budget for maintenance, making it more necessary than ever to get the best possible results. These results are every reach by our company, as we work with a certified Quality System ISO 9001:2008 and, during operative phases, we adhere to the international standards in force:
1- Surfaces preparation through abrasive blast cleaning in order to achieve a degree of cleaning as required by the standard (ISO 8501-1 and Swedish Standard SIS 05-59-00) and as specified by the client (es. Sa2 -Sa 1/2 -Sa 3);
2- The application of anti-corrosion products, indicated by the Customer, of which our experienced and qualified operators know the composition, thickness and operating procedures, and environmental factors that are and must be in accordance with the standards of SSPC, ASTM, ISO, NACE and performed according to the Technical Product Details of the manufacturer.
3- The control of wet and dry thicknesses, by our staff of qualified inspectors, for single layer of applied product and the total thickness measuring in dry situation of the coating cycle, with adequate instrumentation previously calibrated and controlled.
We care about the control of the work quality because it’s an integral part of the process of anticorrosive protection.

Ask us for information about the anti-corrosion treatment of steel, iron and metal structures, and about the anticorrosie painting of metals in general.

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