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Shot Peening of metallic surfaces

The technological evolution has led us to equip and specialize also in the execution of shot peening of metal surfaces (vessels or machenery). This is a treatment necessary to increase the resistance of metal surfaces to corrosion and to micro cracks due to fatigue of materials. Usually this kind of treatment involves the use of little balls made of ceramic, glass or stainless steel. The treatments are executed according to "UNION CARBINE COMPANIES MOC -614" rule and according to "MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL - S- 13165B" rule.
For internal surfaces treatment a conventional robotic gritter is used, after the application of a fluorescent painting acting as a tracer in order to guarantee the complete preparation of the interested area.
The activity is carried out mainly at our factory in Portogruaro (VE), but also in external sites as we are equipped with mobile equipment, easy to transport and to install.

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