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Conservative cleaning of monuments and architectural structures

We are equipped with "ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM" devices for building surfaces cleaning, using the abrasive "ARMEX", dry or with water. This system involves the use of sodium bicarbonate as abrasive element because of its particular characteristics:
- is compatible with any kind of structure to treat
- is not corrosive
- is not inflammable
- is biodegradable
- is 100% soluble in water
- creates no environmental impact
- has a high degreasing and cleaning power
- is non-polluting.
The "ACCUSTRIP SYSTEM" allows to remove paint, graffiti, grease, oil, tar, gum, patches of different origin, mildew, rust, etc.., from any surface of concrete, brick, tile, granite, marble, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, etc, without scratching the soil and restoring the surface to its original state.
It allows the full clean of monuments and historic buildings, modern buildings and structures, statues, ornaments.
The system is designed to remove anti-fouling paints from boats and yachts, to clean industrial, aviation and aerospace aircraft or parts thereof, in accordance with the specifications imposed by AMS, BOEING and MC Donnell Duglass.
We are equipped with mobile structures for cleaning on-site wall surfaces. We can work above floor level without scaffolding, using rope systems.

Request us information about the cleaning of architectural structures and civil works, about the restoration of concrete, wall paintings and applications of anticorrosive materials on cement surfaces.

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